Whenever I start to get down due to my forced idleness, I turn on the radio to listen to the traffic report.   Tuesday morning was especially gratifying as I heard of a 60-minute delay across the George Washington Bridge, followed by an accident on the West Side Highway.   It would have been a two-hour commute for me.  

I was once asked how long it took me to get to work.  I said, “About an hour-and-a-half with traffic.” 

Which was followed with, “And how long without traffic?”   

“I don’t know,” I said.


I really need to start doing something.   The daily newspaper puzzles are becoming too easy.   The other morning I was able to solve the cryptoquote in my head.   True.


I joked that the $15 an hour for fast food workers would create the McDonalds Automat.   I didn’t think it would come around so quickly but I saw an article today on the first touch-screen ordering station at McD’s.  It’s coming.


Missouri plays BYU this weekend in football.  If Rex Ryan was the headcoach of BYU, he’d name Tim Wolfe as the team captain.


Did you vote on Election Day?   I did what I do every Election Day.  I found someone who was voting the opposite way I would and we both agreed to stay home.


Merchandisers are finally starting to back off on being open on Thanksgiving Day.   I would like to think they are showing some heart, but it’s more likely they’ve punched the numbers and found it isn’t as profitable as it once was.   Here’s something I wrote in the original Wahoo 16 years ago

11/24/1999 – “I checked the newspaper.   I found it.  K-Mart, the family store, is open all day on Thanksgiving.  Yep, from 7:00 AM to 9:00PM.  K-Mart is so family friendly, they make their lowly paid staff work through Thanksgiving dinner.   It’s a good idea since everyone I know loves to go shopping from 3:00 to 6:00 on Thanksgiving Day.   Gee, I wonder what the CEO of K-Mart will be doing on Thanksgiving Day.   Working the register?  I don’t think so.  I would imagine that 95% of those working at K-Mart on Thanksgiving have family at home.   Why do they have to work on Thanksgiving?   It’s just not right.  Can’t they just stay open from 7:00 AM to 2:00PM.  Do they really make so much money from 2:00 on that they must stay open?  I doubt it.  So for another year, I will boycott the K-Mart.   That should show them.   I almost wrote Rosie O’Donnell a letter, since she was always a big K-Mart supporter, but I’ve heard she’s no longer affiliated with the store.  Good for her.”


Ahh, space filler.   I forgot how good that felt.  


Here’s an idea that most likely makes no sense.   I really don’t like the constant scroll at the bottom of the TV screen while I’m watching my sporting events.   It repeatedly lists game scores, who scored, running stats, passing stats, receiving stats, etc.   I know it’s mostly there for the gamblers, but they have their iphone pocket computer thing that tells them whatever they need.   The scroll is unnecessary.   How about this . . . . the networks should only scroll the sports stats info . . . . DURING THE COMMERCIALS!    It won’t clutter up the televised game and a lot more people would actually stick around during the commercials.   It’s a win-win.  That’s what I would do if I were Roone Arledge.


Don’t like that idea?   I got another one.    Power failures are always a concern during the winter months.   How about this . . .. go to Costco and buy yourself a generator.   Keep it in the box.   If it’s not needed, return it in three months.   Do the same next year.  Ta da!

I have a generator.  Unfortunately it runs on electricity.  


For better reading than this, check out my wife’s incredible website at www.12stepmeeting.com   Tell her what you think.  Somebody you know can use it.


The only store that should be open on Thanksgiving is the one you can get the cranberries you forgot.


Oh, and the cryptoquote I did in my head: