WittyLeaks – Super Bowl Weekend

The Heinz Company is pushing a petition to make the Monday following the Super Bowl a national holiday since it is such an unproductive work day anyway.   I’ve been touting this for over 20 years.   But Heinz can’t just wish and hope for the Monday holiday; it has to make a case, and the case being it has to make money for the important people.   Here’s my plan.
Instead of Super Bowl Sunday, it’s now marketed as Super Bowl Weekend.
  1. The Super Bowl Saturday Primetime Variety Special – the network carrying the Super Bowl would broadcast an NFL special that would include the announcement of the year’s MVP, Rookie of the Year, Outstanding Plays of the Year, past Super Bowl highlights, past Super Bowl commercials, and so on and so on. Announce the inductees into the Hall of Fame.   Include clips of what’s happening at the Super Bowl teams’ home cities.  Music/comedians/celebrities galore!   The Network and the NFL make money.
  1. Super Bowl Sunday – no change
  1. Monday is a holiday – and the Monday Night Super Bowl Special recapping the game, reviewing the halftime show and pregame entertainment, best commercials from the game, and even more game analysis. Interviews with the Super Bowl MVP and game highlights.  The Network and the NFL make money. A celebration of the Super Bowl champions for the entire nation, not just in their home town.  The local celebration can be planned and take place Tuesday or Wednesday.
With Monday being an off day, the hotel industry could benefit greatly by offering Super Bowl/Big Game deals.   Promote the game.  Promote specials.  Guests wouldn’t have to leave till Monday morning, celebrating and watching the ENTIRE game the night before.  This would do boffo business for the hotels in not just the Super Bowl city, but in cities all across America.
To make this work, there should be no mention of how this would benefit the fan.  The fan is not important and carries no weight.   It’s all about the money. Would the NFL make more money?  Would the networks make more money?   Yes, and yes.   Making a plea on how it would benefit the fan is a dead end.
As for the Monday holiday . . . the NFL is thinking of expanding the season schedule by adding more games and/or adding another bye week for each team.   This would push the Super Bowl back another week, placing it closer to Presidents Day.  Plus, Presidents Day is no longer a celebration of Washington and Lincoln’s birthday but a celebration of ALL the presidents, therefore you could put this holiday anywhere on the calendar.  Simply put it the day after Super Bowl Sunday.
And that’s what I would do if I ruled the world.

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