WittyLeaks – November 2, 2016

NOVEMBER 2, 2016

Nothing better than a World Series Game 7 except for a Stanley Cup Game 7.   It’s tough when you want both teams to win the Series.   Since it’s a toss-up for me, I have to go with the home team.  Go, Indians.   It’ll be terribly sad for whichever team loses tonight.


Seeing Bill Murray rooting hard for the Cubs reminds me of his days as a baseball manager.    Mr. Murray lived (still lives?) in the town over and his boys played in the local T-Ball and Little League.   To start the season, there would be a short parade through town, each team dressed in their baseball uniform.   Manager Bill Murray would march with his team and be dressed head-to-toe in his Chicago Cubs uniform.   Fun guy, common guy, always an eye out on how to add a laugh and a smile to anything.


With so many twists and turns in this election, I thought we would all be too exhausted to follow along by now.   Plus I would have thought the campaign would have long since jumped the shark.   It does seem as if the script writers are stretching things far too thin and beyond plausibility.   Unfortunately both sides’ creators have done a stellar job to the point that either candidate will be hated, despised, and eyed with suspicion and distrust.   No matter who wins, half the country will be angry and vengeful beyond belief.  I’m already wondering how this campaign and election will affect the 2020.

That’s right, I’m already thinking about the next election.


Check out my wife Denise being interviewed on the radio last Sunday on Z-100 with Kevin Burke.   Denise is the creator of “Steppin’ Out Radio: True Stories of Inspiration and Transformation.”     For many years, I helped put on a TV show that was aimed to elicit laughs.   I thought what I did was important, but it pales to the goals of “Steppin’ Out.”   “Steppin’ Out” helps save lives.


There is something there for everybody.  Trust me on this.


November 1, 1975.    41 years ago I was a high school senior.   I was the quarterback of the Ramapo Gryphons High School football team.    You only have one senior year.   Well, taxes were getting out of hand in the area and the town folk thought it was TOO out of hand.  When it came time to vote on the school budget, they voted the budget down.   The budget was fidgeted and put up again but again it was voted down.   And then again.  What did this mean?  It meant that the school would operate under an austerity budget . . . . and that didn’t include high school sports.    Somehow it included practice but it didn’t include games.   The football season started with double sessions in hot August and went on through November.  We practiced every day but had no ice cream come Saturday.   We were told that there might be a game each week, but come Friday we would get the bad news.    So what’s so important about November 1st?   Well, things were finally worked out so we could start our season.  Our first game was November 1st.   Today, the local teams have ended their season for weeks.   We finally had our first game on November 1st.   We ended the season 2-1.


But November 1st holds more importance to me now.   On November 1, 1995 my twins were born, Danielle and Dominique.   I still remember that day clearly but I’ll just leave you with this.   Whenever I meet a daddy-to-be who is expecting his first, the only advice I give is for him to dress nicely when he goes to the hospital.   Yes, there will be a million things on his mind but it is important to be in decent clothes.  No one told me this.   When the twins were born I wasn’t sure how long I’d be at the hospital, and so I dressed for comfort.   Hours later I was holding twin girls in my arms.  And there I was, a new daddy in the first photos holding my newborns, dressed in a gaudy Notre Dame Fighting Irish sweatshirt and a Yoo-Hoo hat.  And those photos will be around forever.   I’ll look for the photo and post it next time.


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