I’ve change my mind about the World Series.   I was rooting for and picked the Indians in 5, but now I want whoever wins to win it at home.  That means the Cubs have to win the next 4 games so they can win it all at Wrigley.  If not that, then I want the Indians in 6 or 7 games.

This is what I do when watching the World Series; I count the camera cutaways from the action between pitches.  It’s not so bad early in the game, but later in the 7th, 8th, and 9th when the tension is greatest, the camera will go into the crowd to show us fans watching the game.   The director LOVES to find a female fan with her hands up to her face, especially if her hands are in prayer position.   Back in the ’98 World Series between the Yankees and Padres, there were 17 camera cuts between pitches with Pettitte on the mound.  That’s the record since I’ve been keeping count.   The camera goes everywhere except on the action.  Drives me nuts.   It’s ruined my viewing of the World Series and hopefully I’ve just ruined yours.  Sadly, if the Series goes long, you get to know the people in the crowd.   I remember exclaiming in disgust, “Hey, I remember that person from Game 2!”   Watching a World Series game with me can be a lot of fun.


In America, anyone can grow up to be president.  Unfortunately for Republicans, Donald Trump hasn’t grown up yet.


Don’t blame Trump for not paying taxes.  Blame the laws that allow it.


Julian Assange is to Wikileaks as Jose Canseco is to his book “Juiced”.     Both met with scorn.  Both filled with ugly truth.   Both a game-changer.


I was maybe 9 years old.   My costume for Halloween that year was a ghost.   Homemade, of course.    My mother found an unstained bed sheet and put it over my head.   She realized that if I wanted to eat or drink or get some air, I would have to take off my entire “costume.”   She decided to cut a hole in the bed sheet for me to put my head.  And then she found an old pillow case.  She cut out some eye holes and put it over my head.   Now if I wanted to free myself of my costume temporarily, I could simply take off the pillow case and not the whole bed sheet.   Much more convenient.  Mom then sent me on my way to collect my treats throughout the neighborhood and beyond.   I was very proud of my costume as I received many shocked looks and comments.  “Wow, my ghost costume must be really scary,” I thought.   Hours later when I was making my way home I was met with my smiling and delighted mom.    But her gleeful face suddenly turned aghast.  She was seeing my costume from a distance, from a new perspective.   She rushed up and tore off my ghost-head.    When asked why, she said “Never mind.”   Not till years later when I saw photos did I realize my ghost costume with my pillowcase head made me look like the Grand Wizard.    Good times.




  1. A. Pignataro (@dab828) · October 26, 2016

    oh man that made my day. Hilarious!


  2. Mike H · October 27, 2016

    I agree on the obnoxious camera cutaways: Why show us the players that everyone in the stadium is focused on, and instead show us people who we couldn’t care less about? What if the fans in the stands who paid hundreds of dollars to be there had their view blocked by a TV screen that showed them pictures of other fans, and cut away at the last second to show the action on the field? Why should the home viewer be forced to have a different viewing experience?


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