I can’t go out.  It’s obvious.   My daughter was home from college and we went to a Sectional championship high school basketball game at a big arena.   Championship games are played back-to-back, girls and guys, different divisions throughout the day.  The game we’re interested in is the last of the day.   We get in and the place is very crowded.  I spot some seats way up in the corner of the arena.  We hurry over and squat.  The woman next to us tells me these seats are saved.  Oh, boy, here we go.   My daughter and I move down two seats.  The woman says those seats are saved also.   I looked around the arena and you can barely spot two seats next to each other.   We move down two more seats.  The woman says, “No, those . . .”   I go, “Whoa!  You’re saving the whole row?!”   Yeah, she was, and she thought she had every right to.    My daughter can sense I’m about to blow.   I tell the woman I think she has enough seats “saved,” thank you.  The woman objects.   Only for the empathy I have for my daughter do I agree to move once again.   I see two more seats way to the left  against the wall and grab those. These actually were better seats because I could stand with no one behind me.   I could see better even though we were farther away.  But I couldn’t help but keep looking over at the 8 empty seats being “saved” by a lone woman.  Time and again people tried to sit in those seats but were told they were “saved.”  And no one seemed bothered by that!   They were fine that a woman was saving 8 seats in this general admission arena minutes before the start of a championship game.   Everyone seemed to be, “Oh, OK, sorry.  I didn’t know they were ‘saved.’”   Her friends finally came halfway through the 1st quarter.   They barely thanked her for saving 8 seats at a sold-out game.  It was expected, and it was expected that those who were on time to the game would accept this “saved” proclamation.   But I was the only one bothered.  Why?   There must be something wrong with me if I’m the only one bothered by someone saving 8 seats.   I hate this “saved” nonsense.   And there should certainly be a limit; one saved seat per person.  One person can save one seat, two people can save two.   But I’m wrong.  Apparently, one person can have unlimited “save” authority.

I should really just stay home.  I am no longer capable of dealing with people.

Congratulations to fellow Ramapo High School (NY) grad, STEVE GOLIN, on his Academy Award win for Best Picture, “Spotlight”.   Steve was also nominated for “The Revenant”.   His production/management company, Anonymous Content, also won Best Television Series at the Golden Globes for “Mr. Robot.”   Alums are very proud of our fellow Gryphon.   Check out The Wrap at www.thewrap.com for a short bio by Jeff Sneider on the success of our local hero.



I got this in my e-mail the other day.   It’s from the Twitter.   


Looks like you were at the top of your Twitter game last week.  Let’s take a look at your report.

Followers: 1,185

Gained: 1

I was at the top of my Twitter game by gaining one new follower?   That’s an increase of .084%.  And I get an “atta boy!” for a .084% success?  There should be no applause for .084%.  What is this, a Weight Watchers meeting?    Everybody gets a trophy!


Another sign that I’m old.  Saw a headline about singing sensation Perry.   My first thought was Perry Como.   The article was about Katy Perry. Steve Perry never entered my mind.

Again, for entertainment purposes only, a Hillary/Trump presidential campaign will be wonderfully entertaining.   Scary, but entertaining.   Fireworks throughout the summer!  I feel a lot of support for Trump is mostly of a big F.U. at the Republican Party and towards government in general.  GOPers are not happy with their leaders.  The RNC seems flustered and confused that their followers aren’t going with the pre-agreed upon Bush or Rubio.  And I don’t think the Democrat voters are too far behind.  There’s a lot of “ugh” going on both sides.  A third party candidate, a 1980s John Anderson-type, would really put both teams in a chaotic scramble, fearing their private entitlement clubs would be in jeopardy.   Neither would want an Independent in the White House.

And that’s my political opinion.  I’ll be hiding under my bed awaiting your response.

Was Bill Clinton illegally electioneering at the polls in Massachusetts for wife Hillary?   He’s not allowed to do this and there is a bit of a brouhaha erupting.  And this reminded me of something I wrote 16 years ago in the long forgotten Wahoo Gazette.

This from the September 23, 2000 edition of the Wahoo Gazette:

“Front Page of Wednesday’s New York Times:  A story about Hillary Clinton’s win over Mark McMahon in the New York Democratic Primary for U.S.  Senator.   There is also a photo of the President in the voting booth while Hillary yaks it up with New Yorkers waiting on the voting line.   When I was a NYC Police

Officer and assigned election duty, I was instructed to not allow electioneering within 100 feet of the front entrance of the voting locale.   It appears from this photo that Hillary Clinton is campaigning 10 feet from the VOTING BOOTH!   Of course, I could be wrong.  She could simply be talking about the weather.”


And this was followed up two days later on September 25, 2000.

So this past Saturday night I’m watching “The Rugrats” with my two girls, even though they had already fallen asleep.   Angelica and Tommy are running for Mayor of their little group.   While the kids are casting their vote, Angelica is telling them all why SHE should be mayor.   Lil’, just an infant on the show, says, “Angelica, you can’t talk to us while we are voting.”   So there you have it, little Lil of “The Rugrats” has a better sense of impropriety than Hillary.

Some things don’t change.

I’ve become a fan of Ben Carson simply for his line, “Can somebody attack me, please.”



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  1. chadriden · March 3, 2016

    Every Wednesday at noon I go eat at the farmers market in Nashville. It’s an informal meeting of comics who happen to be in town at the time. Sometimes the food court gets really busy. Quite often I’ll be standing there with a tray of food in my hand looking for open seats and see many open tables pushed together and “SAVED” by someone who has NO food. It is infuriating because it means her friends probably aren’t even there yet. If they are there, they’re still ordering food somewhere but here I am with food in my hand, unable to find a seat. by the time her friends get there and have food and are ready to sit down me and my friends will have all eaten and talked and be gone. it’s crazy. It happens almost every week.

    I’m considering having info sheets printed up that explain how wrong and dumb and nonsensical these people are. Then when they say, “it’s saved!” I can hand them a sheet & while they’re distracted looking at it my friends and I can all sit down and take over the tables.


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