I got an 83


I posted this recently on the Facebook.  It’s a lamp I made in 7th grade Shop, also known as Industrial Arts.   Yup, in those ancient times of the early 70s schools actually taught you how to use machines and tools, stuff you could use in your future.   I’ve always been proud of this lamp, faults and all.  And I always remember that I got an 83 on it.   It says so on the bottom. The grade didn’t matter to me; I was just proud of my lamp . . . a lamp that still works.  And that got me to thinking.   I made this lamp when I was 12 years old.  I had to know carpentry.  I had to know electricity.  There was planning, drawing, measuring, sawing, drilling, sanding, hammering, splicing, and wiring that had to be done.  45 years later and the lamp still works.  And I got an 83 on it.   If a kid today made a lamp at school and had to do the “trades” involved, I don’t think he or she would get an 83.    Heck, a kid in Texas recently took apart an old clock/radio and for that got invited to the White House!

To turn the lamp on and off, you push the anchor to the right or left.  That pulls the chain. Ta-da!  How about that?!

That’s my daughter in the background.  She’s in college.  She’s on her laptop and texting on her iPhone.  She doesn’t know a Phillips-head from a slot.   But she does know how to show me how to post this on my website.



  1. Don Giller · February 24, 2016

    I like it. In my day we made tie racks, wallets, and self-attached bookends. Still have the latter.


  2. Mike · February 24, 2016

    And the kid who took apart the clock/radio got suspended from school.


  3. ayecarumba1 · February 24, 2016

    Great work Mike! Was the lampshade mysteriously turned into a hat when you turned 21? hehe… I made a picture frame in wood shop in 7th grade. They wouldn’t let us mess with electricity.


  4. DDY · February 24, 2016

    Hi Wahoo Mike! Thanks for the fun look back. I was no good at freshman wood shop, but good with electricity. I wired up a burglar alarm for my room, and a remote control box for my room and hallway lights. My dad worried that I would get electrocuted. Does the lamp have one of those yellow anti-skeeter bulbs?


  5. Shirlee · February 24, 2016

    I made an apron in 7th grade home economics. It took me the entire 30 day class to finish it and I hated every minute of every one of those 30 days but I finished it and I got a C and I still hate to sew 45 years later. That’s a cool lamp.


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