Back from two Springsteen concerts. The first was a week ago in Newark, New Jersey.   By myself.   When the tix went on sale, I tried to buy 4.  No good. Tried to get two.  Again, no luck.   Went for a solo ticket and got a hit.  Tried to get another solo but was too late.  No more available.  I presented wife Denise with the ticket for Christmas but she didn’t want to go to Newark by herself.  I volunteered to take the ticket off her hands.  I told her it was the least I could do and she agreed; “It is the least you could do.”     I decided to take the train from “upstate” New York to the Prudential Center in Newark.   I figured I’d let the mass transit take care of me.   I got there no problem.   Great show.  Long show.  Hung out in the arena afterwards to take in the load-out and break down.   I was by myself . . .  I could do whatever I wanted.   I then had drinks at a local.  And then I realized . . .  trains have a schedule.  There is a LAST train out of town eventually.    I downed the rest of my brew and double-stepped it to the train station.   My train had already left.   And the terminal was closing.  No more trains were coming.  I was stuck in Newark with a dead phone and limited funds.  And so for the next two-and-a-half hours I walked the streets of Newark waiting for the Newark Port Authority to reopen.  Yes, mass transit makes life so much easier.  And, yeah, I know it was my fault. 

And last night, Denise and I and a dear friend drove up to Albany, NY for a Bruce concert.    It was a bit more than a two-hour drive.  This show was even better than the one in New Jersey.   But as always, something went awry.    The two women in front of me at the show. . . . they were standers.   Yeah, I know you’re supposed to stand and dance at a concert but we were already well into the show and THEY WERE THEY ONLY ONES STANDING!   I had my binoculars and scanned the crowd and saw that everyone else was seated during this Bruce ballad.   I don’t mind if you stand during a concert.  It’s to be expected.   But if you’re the only ones standing you better be dancing like Michael Jackson.  Finally . . . FINALLY . . . well into the concert the two sit down.  BUT they didn’t sit all the way down.  They sat on the edge of the folded, up-seat.   Again, they were the only ones in the house sitting like this.  At this point I felt they were being annoying on purpose.    With everyone sitting in front of them, they were getting no benefit from sitting halfway up in their seats.   They could see just as well if they were fully seated.  This went on for quite awhile.   Standing, fine . . . the half-sit, not so fine.  That really bothered me.  So of course . . . . as another of the slow-Bruce songs end, I have to shout a “Sit down all the way!  All the way!”   I get the customary dirty look for calling them out on their rudeness.   Nothing happens, so I do another shout.   One drops down in her seat.   Eventually, the other one does, too.   They can see just as well as before, but now those behind them can see, too.    Victory!    I nudge the woman to my right to proclaim, “That’s better, right?”    My glee turns to frustrating, disgusted anger when I see this person has her head buried in her i-phone looking at photos of dogs on the Facebook.     Is it me?   Am I the one who is wrong and the rest of the world right?  Am I the problem?    So these half-sitters were my age.   This tells me they’ve  been doing the half-sit for years now, annoying scores of concert-goes for decades.  Don’t they realize there are people sitting behing them?  Don’t they know they aren’t the only people who want to see?   They are probably the same people who sit back in the pew after receiving Communion while those in the row behind still have their head buried in prayer. 


Cam “Superman” Newton treated that fumble like it was kryptonite.


TV show idea.  Are you listening HGTV?    A home, DIY, Do-It-Yourself show where the hosts fix and make improvements around the house . . . . but they don’t have the right tools!   The hosts will have a hammer, one Phillips Head and one slot screw driver, a mix-and-match bunch of screws, a couple of nails, and a handsaw.      They have your typical assortment of tools of a not-so-handy home owner.    And they are allowed one trip to the Home Depot to buy a single needed item.  And that’s your show.  How can a homeowner repair a hole in the ceiling after making a mis-step in the attic with just the above tools?   How do you fix a dryer?   How to un-stick a door?   How to get a closet door back on its hinge?   It’s a show the common man can relate to.   No air hammers allowed.   No reciprocating saws.  A DIY without all the tools.     


Sometimes the worst advice you can give someone is “Just be yourself.”


Is it possible to make a bad lasagna?


Did I ever tell you that an investment property Denise and I recently bought in Jersey was once the home of Garry Tallent, the bass player for Bruce Springsteen’s E Street Band.   And I’m told Bruce and the band used to rehearse in the living room.  At least that’s what I was told by the real estate agent before we bought.    I’ll be looking for verification.


Bruce played for 3 1/2 hours Monday night in Albany.    People were exhausted and actually leaving before the encores were over.   It looked like the 8th inning at a Dodger game.



  1. Mike H · February 9, 2016

    You walked the streets of Newark after the train station closed? in the middle of the night? Who do you think you are, Billy Joel? (“I walked through Bedford-Stuy alone…”)


    • Dr. Marc a. Kearsing · February 9, 2016

      As we get older we have less tolerance for the say average intelligence, tolerance is a virtue. We think alike, go figure…


  2. Tony · February 10, 2016

    I was at the Albany show also. Did you get jammed up getting into the Arena? We got there at 7:30 knowing no Bruce show starts before 8 and there were thousands of us standing outside. I have no idea if the metal screeners went down or what the problem was, but we we were just standing and not moving for 20 minutes. Thousands of us. Finally they started letting us in. When we got in the arena was nearly full so I suspect something mucked up the works and prevented us late arrival people from getting in till the very last minute


    • mikemcintee · February 10, 2016

      I was tipped off that the entrance was going to be long. Plus, I like being a good 15 minutes early to enjoy the anticipation. So, yes, the delay to get in was annoying but since I was not in danger of missing anything, I was OK with it.


  3. Connie Bryant · February 10, 2016

    I dislike with a passion “standers” then the gall to be on the phone? Their parents never taught them manners. UGH why do those people even leave the house? I seem to always attract those people in front of me. They are also the same ones who blah blah blah talk at the movies. Loved this. I can so relate.


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