I’m watching a high school football game the other day.    Coaches on both sidelines are screaming at their players from start to finish.   It’s a popular means of motivating the young teens.   I thought nothing of it back when I played the game, but now it seems awfully silly and counter-productive.   It’s one of the reasons my daughter quit basketball.    As hard as she looked, she could not find the enjoyment of being yelled at, screamed at, scolded, and punished.   I was a bit disappointed when she decided to turn in her sneakers, for selfish reasons of course.  Then she explained the idiocy of high school sports when conducted in this way.    I am a big fan of high school sports, but she convinced me.   Yeah, a lot of it is dumb.   I had to agree with her, but then asked that she not tell her sister.   Yes, like I said, for selfish reasons I wanted to watch them participate on the varsity level.  In time, her sister also saw the light.  Bullying is looked down upon from student-to-student, but still accepted on some levels from coach-to-student, teacher-to-student.   Dominique asked to imagine a piano teacher reacting like a football coach or a basketball coach if the student played the wrong piano key.  Yiiiii.  Would any parent sit for that?

Baseball Commissioner Rob Manfred denies Pete Rose’s application for reinstatement to Major League Baseball.   Good for the Commissioner.   Pete Rose bet on baseball when he was the manager of the Cincy Reds back in the day.   Many say Rose has long since paid the price for his indiscretion.    Baseball’s all-time hitting champ deserves back in the game.  I’m not one.   If even a sniff of gambling enters the realm of professional sports, the game becomes nothing more than professional wresting.   If Pete Rose can  be kept out of the game due to gambling, the “greatest” hitter of all-time, than no one is safe.    That has done more “good” for the game than any of his 4,000 hits.

Went to a birthday party last week for longtime Late Night/Late Show staffer Rick Scheckman, whom we at the show liked to call “Rick Scheckman”.   It was fun to see the friendly faces again.   Plans are already in the works for another get-together just as soon as we can make up a reason.   After the initial hellos, hugs, and kisses, it’s . . . . . . “anything, yet?”    Many of us are still looking.   It’s pretty amazing the talent that is going untapped.   Can we work with a hard deadline?  Oh, yeah.   For 19-and-a-half years, when it was time to start, we started whether we were ready or not.   The break between guests?  Lasted just as long as the commercials.   No buffer, no extensions, no “extra minute.”   It made us all better, made up better prepared, made us ready for just about anything.

Somehow whenever the New York Giants lose they gain in the standings.

The New York Jets defense was so dominant against the Tennessee Titans, even Vernon Gholston got credit for a sack.  

If alcoholism is a disease, why is everybody so mad at Johnny Manziel for his relapse?

Why are there so many Republican candidates still in the race?   Because they all feel Trump and Carson will eventually fall by the wayside and somebody will have to be elevated as the front-runner. Who do I want?   I’m very shallow and only want to be entertained.  It’s why I’m rooting for a Trump/Hillary campaign.

And when is somebody going to start blackening out the “T” in Trump on his campaign posters?

Have you tried the Root Beer beer yet?   The popular one is “Not Your Father’s Root Beer.”  It’s so good it’s dangerous.   Tastes just like root beer.   And just today I hear the Budweiser people are getting into the act.  They’re coming out with their own root beer beer.   Beer to taste like soda pop.  Yes, they don’t make men the way they used to anymore.   Kids are kids even when they aren’t anymore.  Won’t be long before bubblegum cigars make a comeback for the real thing.

Howard Stern’s contract expires this week.  Anybody have his number?

The only response I get right on “Jeopardy” these days is “What is Aleve?”

My new main interest in “Jeopardy” is how the contestants bet in Final Jeopardy.  For very smart people, they bet some imbecilic amounts.  The person in first place usually knows how much to bet to guard against those in 2nd and 3rd.    It’s those in 2nd and 3rd who really need to take time to bet the proper amount.   Need to think it through.   Betting it all is not the right bet.  Think!

First  Letterman, now Kimball!  NO!   Chris Kimball, the bow-tied creator of America’s Test Kitchen/Cook’s Country, is leaving the show!   It’s the best show on TV and he’s leaving.   Such a shame.   What I like best about Kimball outside of his show is he’s a big Grateful Dead fan and he doesn’t open his e-mail.  Plus he likes rabbit hunting.



  1. Jim C. · December 14, 2015

    Mike, have you seen the AT&T commercials with an animated Lily interacting with the Rudolph characters? (including Hermey in the background in one).

    I think I’ve finally turned into my dad. When I see Lady Gaga in the Barnes & Noble ads with Tony Bennett, I want to ask her, “If it’s so cold outside, why are you dressed like that?”


  2. David D Yoder, Esq. · December 15, 2015

    Ha! Blackening out the T in Trump! I can’t stop laughing. My, oh my, I miss the “Wahoo Gazette!” Why did I wait nine hours to read the latest “Wahoo Two?”


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