A read an article that the average American spends 42 hours a year stuck in traffic.   Hmmm.   If you work 48 weeks a year, that comes to about 50 minutes a week, or ten minutes a day, or 5 minutes each way to and from work.   BUZZZ!   Not in New York City.  Not in Boston.  Not in San Francisco.  Not in Atlanta.  

Add your own city here.

It would take me 24 minutes to get from my house to 53rd and Broadway . . .  on Yom Kippur.   Every other day of the year it would take at least an hour, so you do the math . . .  because I’m not in the mood right now.


Went on vacation a few weeks ago at the Jersey Shore.  Before I left, I bought a 48-pack of Kirkland Light beer for $20.   Yeah, Kirkland Light . . . it’s a beer put out by Costco.   It wasn’t half bad.  It was 75% bad.  Hey-Ohhh!   No, for $20 I found it was well worth the price.   I always thought that “Light” beer meant in calories, but it seems to mean light in alcohol content, too.  Probably explains why I had all 48 over the week, plus some.  Would I buy Kirkland again? Sure I would, but mostly for the comments from friends.   They can be very judgmental.   For me, the badder the beer the better.


WWE wrestling great Jimmy Superfly Snuka is up on murder charges stemming from the ‘90s.   His defends his violent past from once being conked on the head with a coconut.

–         That is a joke mainly for me.  I don’t expect too many to get the reference, but those who do will get a howl.


My sports injuries theory:  In football, the reason for so many injuries is due to not enough padding in the pants.  When I played high school ball, the football pants were weighed down with huge thigh and knee pads.  Add the cumbersome protective girdle around the hips and coccyx and you felt like the Michelin Man.   You couldn’t run.  You’d waddle.   Today the pads below the waist are minimal, making the game too fast.  The higher speed results in more injuries.   And with all the equipment, you couldn’t extend your stride.   This would result in less knee, hip, and ankle injuries.

And today’s athletes are too strong.  With such an emphasis on weight training, the muscles are bigger and stronger enabling the athlete to do so much more.   But the ligaments and tendons don’t change.   Your ligaments and tendons are made to work in tandem with your muscles.  The balance between the muscles and the rest of the body is now out of whack.   The ligaments and tendons can’t handle the oversized muscles.  

And that’s my theory on athletic injuries . . . . from a guy who drinks Kirkland.


Something new: The WahooTwo Website Plug Of The Day!

Still have the yen for the Late Show with David Letterman?   There is no better place to go to relive those days than David Yoder’s DDY’s Late Show Fan Page.    It’s a magnificently thorough piece of exhaustive work that you will lose hours perusing.   It’s Dave Yoder’s DDY’s Late Show Fan Page.  Find it here.




This concludes the premiere installment of THE WAHOOTWO WEBSITE PLUG OF THE DAY.




  1. Dave · September 3, 2015

    Define “stuck in traffic.” My commute takes me 45-50 minutes each way four or five days a week. Almost none of that is “in traffic;” it’s simply a distance thing. So, do I spend 9-10 hours a week “stuck in traffic” or I count only those times when there’s an actual traffic jam?


  2. Jim Seidel · September 3, 2015

    I watched jimmy “Superfly” Snoka get the coconut many times. Nice reference . Now on to the sports portion . Shoulder pads are tiny in comparison to what I wore and the pros too!


  3. Michael Loik · September 4, 2015

    Hey, where the hell are all the dancing cats?


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