My Jobless Crisis – American Held Hostage: Day 74


Not a good sign.  I found myself buying a lotto ticket today, the last hope of the jobless.

And later in the day, I sent out two more job apps on the computer.   I had the same feeling as when I bought the lotto ticket.   You know you’re not going to win, but you pretend you have a chance and play anyway.


Best-kept secret revealed!   I drove my daughter and friends to a One Direction concert at Giants Stadium in New Jersey Wednesday night.   I volunteered and I waited in the parking lot until the concert was over.   I also wanted to show what goes into throwing pre-concert tailgate.  But here’s the big secret . . . there are a lot of adults just like me waiting in the parking lot at these concerts.  They drive them to the big stadium concert, park in the lot, show the kids how to tailgate, and then wait.  And what do you think happens while you wait in the parking lot while the concert takes place inside?   That’s right!  It’s a 4-hour party for the adults!   As soon as I sent the girls off to make their way to the stadium, I took One Direction off the CD player and slapped on some Springsteen.   The heads of moms and dads in their lawn chairs immediately popped up.  Smiles and nods were exchanged, a tip of the drink shared.    Yes, a beer in one hand, the other hand buried in a box of Cheez-Its.   What a great way to enjoy a One Direction concert!  Waiting 4 hours in the parking lot?  Sure, because we do it for the kids!

Truth be told, if Zayn was still around, I probably would have gone inside.

Couple of things . . .

–      $30 to park at a One Direction concert?  And no one seems to have a problem with that?   

–      Sitting in my lawn chair sipping on a Black Label . . . . Carling, not Johnny Walker . . . . I sat there looking at the planes flying in and out of Newark and Teterboro and realized no one will ever successfully explain to me how they stay up.   The planes weigh tons and they don’t even have a propeller!  


It’s the big Republican debate on FOX tonight, and it’s Jon Stewart’s last night on The Daily Show.  I’m a big fan of Stewart’s but I think the debate will be both funnier and sadder than Jon’s final Daily Show.


Drudge Headline today: “Russia hacks Pentagon” – the United States denies it.  Of course when it comes to the Pentagon, there are 5 sides to every story.

Hey!  Was I first with that lame Pentagon joke?   Let’s Google it!

BUZZZZZZZZZ!  Damn, “the Pentagon has 5 sides to every story” . . . . that line’s been around for years.


Ten Republican candidates in tonight’s debate . . . I’m surprised it’s not taking place in a steel cage.   Google?

BUZZZZZZZZZ!  The steel cage reference and the debate has been made plenty of times already.  In fact, it was used back in 2011, too.


Busta Rhymes with crimes.

Google?  Google reports: “ No results found for ‘busta rhymes with crimes’” 



Surprise me in your will!





  1. Jim Seidel · August 6, 2015

    The stadium folks knew that you pay anything to get 1D off the CD player


  2. shane · August 7, 2015

    Mabel Black Label. They must be brewing it just for you.


    • mikemcintee · August 12, 2015

      Mabel Black Label. I had to look it up. Very nice.
      – Mike


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