WAHOOTWO – JULY 14, 2015

WAHOOTWO – JULY 14, 2015


Well, it’s finally happened.  My extended vacation now feels like unemployment.


Opening this Friday: “Aunt Man” starring Caitlyn Jenner


Apologies to LinkedIn friends and contacts.  I signed up a year ago and never knew what to do with it.  I still don’t, but at least now I’m responding to requests to be friends and requesting friends myself.   I hope I’m not being a bother.   Now I’m supposed to wait for the magic to happen, right?   


New York Giants Jason Pierre-Paul blew off his finger while playing with fireworks jeopardizing a multi-million dollar contract.   Many are calling his actions “stupid”.   Stupid?  Yeah, maybe, but who among us don’t have stupid friends?   And thank goodness we do because stupid friends tend to be the most entertaining.  When it comes to friends, I tend to lean towards stupid.


Speaking of which, this weekend I’m going on a canoe trip with friends.


Comic-Con only encourages them.


Did you see it Sunday?  The Yankees vs. the Red Sox . . . a Sunday game . . . and it wasn’t played at night!  Not sure the last time that ever happened.


I’m watching “Roots” for the first time.  I have the 25th Anniversary DVD set.   So far, so good, but in the third installment I couldn’t get around Lou Gossett’s wig and Fanta’s makeup.  


And Caitlyn Jenner has been named as the new superhero on “Ex-Men”


Ever watch Jeanine Pirro of the FOX Network.   Ever watch Judge Judy?   They must have gone to the same acting school.  Pirro has copied the same speech pattern, the same cadence, the same bark as Judge Judy.


Whatever happened to Sista Soulja?


Just for fun I’d like to see the Washington Redskins change their name to The Confederates.


Met fans: 2nd place – loud, angry, demanding a trade for some hitting.

Yankee fans: 1st place – quiet, shocked, hope no one realizes their team

is in first place, hoping they sneak into the playoffs. Shhhh.


Pete Rose has done more for baseball by being barred from the Hall of Fame than any of his 4,000 hits has done.  He’s a constant reminder of the deadly evil of gambling in baseball.  Keep him out of the Hall.


Something to do; something to learn.  Check out the comment section from the July 9th WahooTwo.   Learn the history of the Cooper Black font in a video sent to me by longtime WahooTwo reader James Langdell.


This is sad . . . all my old girlfriends are old.





  1. mlblogsbluesurge · July 14, 2015

    I have no idea what happened this weekend when the networks didn’t cram Yankees/Red Sox down our throats. What the hell is happening to this country when I can’t be forced to watch two teams I care nothing about?


  2. ksteavenson · July 14, 2015

    Ideas for your unemployment time:
    1. Take an online class. Coursera is good.
    2. Watch some Ted Talks. They really are very educational.
    3. Clean the garage and give away or sell some stuff.
    4. If you have old videotapes of home movies, this is your golden time to transfer all those tapes to a hard drive or DVDs. You can do that with either Elgato Video Capture or Diamond Multimedia sells a cable for that too.
    5. Do you want to be a computer coder? Coding Camp can lead you to a new career in 12 short weeks. They offer a free class so you can see if you think you’ll like it.
    6. Apply to be a substitute teacher. Unless you really like groups of teenagers and the cameras on their iPhones, stick to subbing for grades K-6. Some community colleges and school districts offer a 1-day sub training workshop. It’s a good job to have while you’re looking for another job because when you leave, people aren’t usually annoyed with you. They understand – “Oh, he got a full-time job.” And you might not want to sub for Kinder or 1st grade for the first couple of months because those age groups are so different from the older elementary kids.


  3. James Langdell · July 15, 2015

    I’m glad you liked the Cooper Black video. Overall, a nice new design on your blog. I didn’t spot anything pointing to comments on a given posting (yes, clicking on the post’s title gets to a page that includes the comments). In the previous design, the note of the number of comments was good for checking if there were any more since an earlier reading.

    “Longtime WahooTwo Reader”? These days longtime is nothing like it used to be, just a few weeks ago.


  4. James Langdell · July 21, 2015

    I would have made a “forgotten without a trace” sort of joke about Sister Souljah if I could have thought of one worth typing. But yesterday I stopped at a B&N bookstore and my eye caught a display with several novels by her. I had no idea she had earned present-day popularity. Here’s a link to her author page on Amazon.


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