WAHOOTWO – JULY 09, 2015

                  New temporary marquee at the Ed Sullivan Theater

script cover 6


WAHOOTWO – July 9, 2015.

Out of work, too much idle time, spending reduced, bills coming due, savings dwindling . . . I feel like Greece.


A job search via computer is like online dating.  I think.


Donald Trump’s ego is so huge he thinks the trumpet was named after him.


I saw this on the Facebook.  Yanni writes: “A simple life is good with me.  I don’t need a whole lot.  For me, a T-shirt, a pair of shorts, barefoot on the beach, and I’m happy.” 

Yeah, that’s all he needs.   His needs are simple especially when the beach is right outside his mansion.


Paula Deen’s son’s got some ‘splainin’ to do.


Trump has put himself into some hot water with things he’s said, but he won’t be in real trouble until he insults Chuck Lorre.  


And now something that means something to me but probably nothing to you.   Years ago while creating the daily scriptcover at the Late Show, I put up an American Film Institute listing of the Top 100 movies of the last century.   Hidden within the I included a title of a piece we had done the day before on the show.   I think it had something to do with Alan Kalter.   I put Kalter piece in the list at #57 to see if anyone would notice.   It got a few hits from the staff.  The movie I took out was “The Third Man” (1949).   It was a film I knew nothing about.  And ever since whenever I see “The Third Man” listed on TV schedule, I make note to watch it.   Naturally, I always forget.  Well, now “The Third Man” has been digitally restored and is making its way back into theaters.   I’m making a note to watch it.


I mention the above because I read about the digitally restored “The Third Man” in the Wall Street Journal.  I figured it would give me the opportunity to mention that I read the Wall Street Journal.   And then I read another article in the WSJ . . . that’s how us Wall Street Journal readers abbreviate it . . . WSJ . . .  I also read in the WSJ an article about staffers who show up late to meetings and the problems that creates.   Lateness to the Late Show morning meetings always bothered me, too.  Come show time 7 hours later when everything was crashing down, many would desperately plead for another 5 minutes to get to the last-second changes.  And I always said we have those 5 minutes but we wasted it waiting for the late staffers at the morning meeting.


I suggested one remedy to get everyone to the morning meeting on time.  Let’s say we have 30 staffers at the morning meeting . . .  we should have 20 bagels waiting.  


I was once to meet a notoriously always-late friend at a bar after work one day.   I wasn’t looking forward to it so I got there 15 minutes early for prep.   A half hour later I get a call from my friend to inform me that he will be there in 15 minutes which would make him a half-hour later.   Fine.  I decided to walk to the bar across the street.   15 minutes later I get a call wondering where I am.  I said I had to do something and I would be there in a half-hour.   Wow!  Angry angry angry!    People who are always late HATE to wait for anyone.  Ever notice that?   My friend said he couldn’t wait and we should reschedule.  Success!


The WahooTwo — where the first draft is the final draft.


One comment

  1. James Langdell · July 9, 2015

    Your title is a tribute to Cooper Black. I think this VH1-style piece on the rise and fall and rise of Cooper Black was made before the documentary film about the Helvetica font.


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