WAHOOTWO- July 7, 2015



WAHOOTWO – July 7, 2015

Next time I write a love letter to my wife, remind me to post it on Facebook.  Seems to be the trend.   It’s what people do now.


Hey!  That’s my joke!

There have been many times where I have thought up a joke or came up with a great idea for an invention and was all a-giggle at my singular genius.   Before posting it, I would Google the idea and more times than not I found that it had been thought up by someone else long ago.  Which brings me to this . . .

I was flipping through the Facebook and/or Twitter the other day and came across Jimmy Fallon presenting a commencement speech with Dwayne The Rock Johnson on The Tonight Show.    During the commencement, Fallon offers this wonderment, “How do you throw out a garbage can?”

From my Twitter – May 13, 2015 – “I’m trying to throw away an old garbage can but the garbageman never takes it.”  I also wrote the same in a Wahoo from 12/06/11.

And then the Fallon/Rock commencement speech continued.   The Rock mentions how “the future is now,” then explains that the future really isn’t now, because the “now” is not the future anymore.  It’s “now”.   He continues on that thread, which reminded me of George Carlin’s “here comes the future, here it is, there it goes” routine.   I can understand how two people can come up with “how do  you throw out a garbage can” . . .  and I’m sure I’m not the first who ever wondered that . . . but how can a team of writers not recognize the George Carlin bit?   It’s funny, it’s repeatable, but it deserves to be credited.

Carlin: “There’s a moment coming.  It’s not here yet. It’s still on the way. It’s in the future.  It hasn’t arrived. Here it comes. Here it is… (djoy) . . . It’s gone.”

Come to think of it, Carlin probably wasn’t the first to entertain that thought either.


A couple weeks ago, NASA experienced a disaster when their SpaceX rocket exploded soon after takeoff.   The explosion was explained by NASA as “an anomaly on ascent.”   Whew . . . . ‘an anomaly on ascent’ . . . and I thought it just exploded.    I think this is the “doublespeak” described in George Orwell’s “1984”.  Or maybe not.   I never read “1984” even though it was assigned to me in 8thgrade Social Studies in 1971.   And since 1980, it’s been a New Year’s Resolution of mine to finally read it.  So far, not yet.  Still haven’t read it.   If only I had more time . . . .


I’m not a Donald Trump supporter, nor a hater, mostly because I know little about politics and have even less interest.  What I do like about Trump is he gets a lot of serious people all wound up and agitated.  Plus, he fixed The Wollman Rink in Central Park.   Trump is in trouble for recently claiming, “ The Mexican Government is forcing their most unwanted people into the United States.”  

Uh oh. 

From my June 25, 2014 Wahoo Gazette, I wondered this:

“ I’m no political guru, but didn’t Castro empty the Cuban jails and mental hospitals in the late 70s and let them all flee to America? (The Mariel Boat Lift)   We happily accepted all the Cubans.    We just didn’t know their background.    It was a clever and devious maneuver by Fidel.  And couldn’t Mexico be doing the same thing now?”

If people read the Wahoo Gazette, I probably would have received a lot of flak for that.

Like I said, I know little about politics, which is probably why Trump and I wonder about the same thing.  


And last but not least, another Wahoo tout . . .

New Jersey-ans want Chris Christie to resign as their governor since he is running for President.  They say that running for President is a fulltime job and it would leave no time for Christie to run the state of New Jersey.   How can he have time to do both?   Ahhh, a longtime plaint of mine.  

Here goes . . .  from the 1/11/08 Wahoo Gazette regarding certain candidates running for President in 2008:

“ If being a United States Senator is a full-time job, and running for President is a full-time job, how can one person do both?   How are Hillary Clinton, John McCain, and Barack Obama doing it?  Aren’t they shirking their responsibility to their states?   Why are they paid a full salary when they aren’t doing a full day’s work for the state?  How is Dennis Kucinich being both an Ohio congressman and a candidate for the Democratic nomination?   How can Ron Paul do the job of a Texas congressman?   And Duncan Hunter of California?    They’ve been at this campaign-thing for over a year now.   Are they really doing the job they’ve been elected to do?   And how long could you stay on your job if you actively and publicly campaigned for another job in another company?

Former President Clinton recently on Charlie Rose’: ‘Essentially, once you start running for President full time, you don’t have much time to do much else.’  

Apparently, states can get along fine with only one United States Senator.”

The best thing about being a politician is you get to make all the rules.


The WahooTwo – tell your friends.



From New Jersey and an alum of Ramapo Senior High and St. Joseph’s University, it’s Diane Harris

This concludes another installment of CAMEO MENTION OF A WAHOOTWO READER



  1. James Langdell · July 7, 2015

    I recall hearing that something like three-quarters of a senator or representatives time each day while in office is spent raising funds to get reelected. So if they’re running for a yet higher office, like president instead, the amount of time they’re doing the job part of their job isn’t cut back much compared to that.


  2. Shirlee DiBacco · July 7, 2015

    I read 1984 in 1983. It ruined my trip to the annual cherry blossom festival in Washington DC. I’ve been threatening to re-read it just to confirm that we have achieved every disturbing prediction. Oh, once you’ve finished 1984 Mike, read Brave New World next. We are there.


  3. Diner Dave · July 7, 2015

    When city councillor Doug Ford announced that he would be brother Rob Ford’s mayoral campaign manager, I wrote “doesn’t Doug already have a job?” Kinda similar.


  4. John · July 8, 2015

    Mike, keep up the good work.

    Personally I like having our elected officials spending time away from their current duties to focus on another office. Given their track record, the possibility that they would someday spend 100% of their time trying to run the country is terrifying.


  5. Roy Currlin · July 8, 2015

    Carlin also did the garbage can joke. It’s on either “Class Clown” or “Occupation:Foole”


    • mikemcintee · July 9, 2015

      Carlin also did the garbage can joke. It’s on either “Class Clown” or “Occupation:Foole”

      – Damn. Wait! Maybe he got it from me!


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