WAHOOTWO – July 2, 2015.

A favorite Letterman joke from some years back:

“Greece is bankrupt.  Not surprising.  Have you seen it lately?  The place is in ruins.”


Congratulations to Dave, Graham Rahal, and RLL Racing for the victory on Saturday at the MavTV500 in Fontana, California at the Auto Club Speedway.  Whenever a driver on Dave’s team did well, I would type up a blue card with key information for Dave to refer to while regaling the weekend’s success.  The challenge for me was to provide as much information as I could using the fewest words.  I would start with the time, place, and result, and the blue card would look something like this.



*Saturday – at the MAVTV500 in Fontana, California at the Auto Club Speedway

*Graham Rahal finished first — 3-tenths of a second ahead of Tony Kanaan.

*Started in the 19th position

*This is Graham’s 2nd win of his career.

*Next race: The Wisconsin 250 on July 12th.


Once I typed it up, I would study it to see what I could leave out, what I should add, and what needed to be explained.  What on the card would need some explanation?   In this case, I would suspect Dave would want to know what MAVTV stands for.  I would contemplate including the info at the bottom of the card, but then I would fear it would be too much information and just add confusion.   What I would usually do is type up a second blue card for the executive producer at the podium, Nancy, so if Dave shouted out, “What’s ‘MAVTV?” she could shout back an answer.   I didn’t want to make Dave a second blue card with “MAVTV” info on it because he would then have too many blue cards sitting on his desk for the ACT 2, usually the Rahal info, the Top Ten, the Top Ten info card, the billboard card of the night’s guests and what they were promoting, and blue cards for any other comedy we had set for the ACT 2.  

I mention the above because last year I included info about MAVTV on the blue card and it ended up being all too confusing.  Yeah, you would think I would be over that by now, but it still bothers me that it wasn’t perfect.  By the way, MAVTV is short for “Maverick Television” – a cable and satellite television channel.   That information doesn’t add anything to the proud announcement of Graham Rahal’s win, but it’s something Dave would likely be curious about. 

During the show, if Dave had all the information he needed and his recap of the victory went smoothly, I would take it as a small victory for me.  Meanwhile, no one else even realized there was a competition.

But that’s all just history now.   Time to shake that from my shoes.


I went to a minor league baseball game Wednesday night.   I asked for one ticket, the cheapest they got. Somehow I got a box seat in the outfield. I later found out that the stadium only has box seats.   Fine. The cost: $13.01.   Yeah, it was bad enough that the ticket cost $13 . . . but the one cent?   Who charges that?   And that’s for a single ticket. Just one ticket. They can’t adjust the price, with tax and fees included, to make it come to a clean $13?     Nope . . . . $13.01.   And did I get back two dollars from my 15?   No.   I was given back a dollar and a handful of coins.   It made no sense.   And now that I’m thinking about the cost, yeah . . . . $13 is a lot for a ticket to a minor league baseball game, and an independent minor league game at that.   It probably explains the poor attendance. The team, the Rockland Boulders, may get you once for the $13, but it’s not going to get too many twice. Half the price and they might double the attendance, which they would regain in parking fees and concessions.  

On the plus side, it was $1 hot dog night. Plus, I got coupon for a free stack of pancakes at IHOP, a $10 coupon to Dave & Busters, a coupon for a $5 burrito at Moe’s, a free dessert at Gilligan’s Clam Bar with purchase of an entrée, and a coupon for a free side order at Smash Burger.   I have a feeling it’s going to cost me a lot of money to save money with these coupons.

Oh, and I also got a free oil change at “Duke of Oil and Tune,” but I earned that. I won a contest between innings on the field. I had to run through tires and drop empty oil cans into a bucket.

Video not available.


Did you see Chris Christie’s announcement the other day?   It was earth-shaking.  No, it wasn’t his announcement that was earth-shaking.    It his walk to the podium.





  1. Dave Sikula · July 2, 2015

    So we’ve gone from no sports to all-sports, all-the-time?


  2. pfleet · July 2, 2015

    Yep. He’s still got it, folks! Please don’t stop – we love the Dave-memories!


  3. Dick · July 3, 2015

    $13.01 is pricey for an independent league game. For $13 at AAA Pawtucket, they would let you play left field for an inning


  4. Mike Henderson · July 7, 2015

    The Trenton Thunder charge $12-13 a ticket, and they have great attendance.


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