WAHOOTWO – June 25, 2015

WAHOOTWO – June 25, 2015

Remember the Late Show with David Letterman?  That was some show, wasn’t it?


Resume is done.  Can’t believe how much I hated doing that.   And now I start sending it out hoping someone will like me.  If you’re in a hiring position, don’t forget that I know how to unjam a copier.   It may mean nothing to you now, but you’ll think of me when you can’t get the Xerox or Ricoh to work.  And then I’ll be in a position to ask for a higher salary.  Don’t wait for that.  Be proactive.


This week’s Nostalgic Pang.   I still have my Late Show ID card in my wallet.  Anybody else?


Late Show scriptcover if there was still a Late Show.  Today’s scriptcover would be the photo of Big Foot in the woods.  I would make it so there were two Big Foots.   I would replace the heads of the Big Foots with the heads of the escaped convicts from the upstate New York prison.   And if that didn’t work, I would include the two prisoners in a crowd shot of Where’s Waldo.   

Oh, and I would put Barbara Gaines on the ten dollar bill.


I’m rooting for a Bush vs. Clinton presidential race.   This would make a 3rd Party candidate very attractive simply for interest-sake.   Bernie Sanders brings up questions that career politicians don’t want to answer.   Even Donald Trump would be good for the discourse.   

By the way, my depth of political knowledge is extremely limited.   Any response to my queries or statements will result in a silent nod from me.   My political knowledge is extremely limited.  When it comes to talking politics, I’m a two-inning pitcher in a nine-inning game.


If police officers had to pay for their own education like in other professions, then they too would have to spend four years in preparation rather than the four months they do now.


What I learned in my time at the Late Show . . . . . celebrities are shorter than you think; athletes are bigger.


I wish there was a job out there that the main requirement was solving the Jumble.   And I always wondered if dyslexics are better at the Jumble than non-dyslexics.


The Pope says global warming in manmade.  I’m a creationist and believe it was created by God.


Golf on FOX.   The FOX network carried the U.S. Open and there were many complaints with their coverage.   Note to TV sports execs: I find the best way to study and review your coverage is to watch with the sound off.   And after that, “watch” with the picture off and just listen to the audio.   You hear and see things you wouldn’t normally.

The U.S. Open was played in the state of Washington, or maybe it was Oregon.   This meant it ran in primetime here in the East, and if the television ratings for the U.S. Open are good you can expect a lot more U.S. Opens and major golf tournaments played on the left coast.


I also can run a good football pool.



  1. Rick Scheckman · June 25, 2015

    I still carry my ID Card with me and have not been near the building since May 22
    Had a mini reunion with staffers yesterday at what else, a memorial service


  2. Jim C. · June 25, 2015

    At 11:35 I think of Cheech & Chong: “Dave’s not here, man.”


  3. visaliaweatherguy · June 26, 2015

    Do you know if anyone put in an application to work for Colbert?


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