WAHOOTWO – JUNE 11, 2015


It’s starting to seem real.


I’m living the typical life of a retiree.   My first week home I went to three funerals and made two airports runs.   I was hoping for more fun than that.

Let’s hope I’m in between jobs.


They’re still doing it.  Go ahead and check out Fallon tonight and notice where they put NBC logo.  They put the NBC peacock in the lower left hand corner of the screen.   CBS and ABC put their logos in the lower right hand corner.   I know, I know . . . big deal, right?   But when the guest is sitting in the chair and we see a two-shot of Fallon and the guest, the NBC peacock logo sits right over the guest’s crotch.

I watched again last night; the NBC logo is in the lower left-hand corner on Seth Meyers, too.  There it sits right over the crotch of the guest.   Is NBC trying to be subliminally suggestive?   Are they doing this purposely?

And now just try to watch Fallon and Meyers without concentrating on the logo over the crotch.   Ha!



Caitlyn Jenner is awarded the ESPY’s Arthur Ashe Courage Award.  Many feel the award should have gone to college basketball player Lauren Hill of Mount St. Joseph University who battled terminal brain cancer yet continued to play.

Sports commentator Bob Costas called it “crass exploitation.”   What Bob Costas and many others forget is that the “E” in ESPN stands for “Entertainment” and it comes before the “S”.   And I think the “N” stands for nonsense.


The Arthur Ashe Courage Award to Jenner sort of reminds me of the Sports Illustrated Sportsman of the Year in 1998.   It went to Mark McGwire and Sammy Sosa for their chase to break Roger Maris’ single season homerun record.  I thought it was the wrong choice.  It should have gone to the guy who retrieved McGwire’s 62nd homerun ball that surpassed the Maris record.   That person was St. Louis Cardinals 22-year-old groundskeeper Tim Forneris.    And he freely gave the ball to Mark McGwire, asking for nothing.  He asked for nothing from the multi-millionaire Mark McGwire; nothing from St. Louis Cardinals organization worth hundreds of millions; nothing from the multi-billion dollar industry of Major League Baseball.   The Cardinals eventually gave Tim Forneris free tickets to St. Louis Cardinals baseball games for life to him and his family.   He could have sold the ball for millions.    Would anyone have argued with Sports Illustrated if they awarded Tim Forneris Sportsman Of The Year?   No.  And they would have done themselves proud.

By the way, Roger Maris still holds the American League single season homerun record.


Power and control are everything.  That tattoo you have on your neck . . . . If you were born with that, you would do anything to have it removed.    But when it’s your idea, you’d pay to have it put on.


The untucked shirt has become a big seller and popular with the hipsters.  If only there was a DIY website that I could go to where I could create my own untucked shirt.


People used to say grace over their meal before eating.  Now they take a photo of it.


Gotta go.  I have to go do . . . . . whoa . . . you know what?   I have nothing to do.    I don’t have anything to do.   I really need a job so I can enjoy my time off.





  1. Mike Kennedy · June 11, 2015

    You didn’t mention who would have been on the show last night if Dave hadn’t been abducted.


  2. Joe C · June 12, 2015

    The time off has not dulled your rapier wit. Keep at it! Something great will come your way. In the mean time, enjoy the extra time with your family.

    Best Wishes,

    Joe C in Baltimore


  3. Judy · June 12, 2015

    Welcome back! I’ve already read aloud your comment about tatoos. My husband enjoyed it, too. You think about things that I wish I had thought of…


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