Sending out resumes, making contacts, calling on favors . . . . this is really not me.  I’m not a salesman, especially for myself.  I would be better at selling someone else.

I hate asking for favors but don’t mind offering them, so my plan of attack in my job search is to go in with the thinking that I would be doing THEM a favor if they hired me.   And, really, it would be.   My eventual employer will very pleased with the package I deliver.  Now . . . how do I convince them of that?


I was thinking about this the other day.   Let’s say you make $10 an hour.   You would think that in order to buy a $100 item, you would have to work 10 hours.  BUT . . . . your $10 an hour paycheck is taxed, so you would really have to work 12 hours to buy the $100 item.  BUT, Part 2, the $100 item is also taxed so you would have to work almost another hour.    So at $10 an hour, you would have to work 13 hours to buy a $100 item.   This means the dollar in your pocket is taxed twice; once when you make it and again when you spend it.

I probably should have realized this years ago but money-talk bores me.


I like Howard Stern.  I use to listen to him all the time when he was on regular radio.   Now when I hear him on the Sirius/XM, I’m not as thrilled.  There seems to be something missing.   I miss the old Howard.   And I think I figured out what it is.  Back when he was on regular radio, he couldn’t say everything he wanted.  The cursing and the swearing and the graphic sexual talk wasn’t allowed, and it was fun to hear him dance around the censors.  He was forced to perform within the limitations.  Now when I listen, everything is out there.   Nothing is forbidden.  The F-words and the sex talk is used openly and freely and, for me, it’s not as much fun.

“Givl” is hilarious.  The F-word is not, unless spoken by your grandmother or clergyman.


Remember the old Larry King columns in USA Today?   It was something like the following.


Did you read where Disney is replacing longtime employees for immigrants?   It was in the news recently.    The Hall of Presidents now includes Otto Von Bismarck.


Caitlyn Jenner . . . is she or isn’t he?   The first sure sign of his/her female sexuality was when her friend attended a wedding.  Caitlyn Jenner’s first question was, ‘How was the cake?” 

A guy would never ask that.


Is Lily on the AT&T commercials starting to wear tighter shirts?   Check it out next time.


I’d rather be the offensive lineman than the star running back.


There is nothing better than NHL hockey playoffs, but what I miss is how the referees used to jump up and grab the top of the glass to let the play go by.


During the Stanley Cup Finals, I’m only drinking Labatts.   And when did Molson stop being a premium beer?


Yeah, Larry King was twittering before there was twitter.


I think I need a name for this blog.  How ’bout the WahooTwo.   Suggestions?


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